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4 Claremont Road, Nottingham

4 Claremont Road in Nottingham has been awarded outstanding by Care Quality Commission inspectors.

4 Claremont Road is a residential care home that provides personal care for people with a learning disability.

The CQC awarded the residential care home outstanding in two out of five categories; responsive and well-led and good for safe, effective and caring following the inspection, 20 February 2019.

The CQC report highlighted that there were mental capacity assessments in place to establish if people needed support to make decisions. Staff had a good understanding of the MCA and what it meant for people who lived at the service.

One staff member said, "It is used so people's rights are not taken away from them unnecessarily.”

The registered manager had been nominated for a special recognition award by a resident's representative advocate for the exceptional work they and their team did in reuniting the long-lost family of a person. The person had not seen their two family members for 50 years. The registered manager and staff team went above and beyond their expected duties to locate and contact the relatives and arrange a reunion. Staff described the moment the family met as emotional and outstanding and the person gained tremendous personal and emotional pleasure from the meeting.

CQC also highlighted that there was evidence of exceptional leadership and residents were supported by a management team who worked consistently to ensure positive outcomes for people. Evidence of this started with the way staff were recruited. Before an interview, potential staff met people living at the home to assess how they communicated and interacted with residents. This allowed people direct involvement in the recruitment process in their home, rather than by sitting on a recruitment panel.

Helen street, registered manager said," The staff we recruit have the right attitude and approach which no amount of training can replicate."

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