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Admiral Court, Leigh on Sea

Admiral Court in Leigh on Sea, Essex, was rated outstanding for being caring, effective, responsive, and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), on 12 February 2020.

It scored Good for the safe element of the CQC report.

Admiral Court is a nursing home providing personal and nursing care to people aged 65 and over. One of the wings specialises in providing care to people living with dementia.

Significant attention had been given to ensure that the environment could support people with dementia and a variety of community areas had been made to engage people who tend to wander.

These areas included a farmhouse kitchen area where people had access to plastic pipes and other items that could be picked up and used for meaningful distraction. A basket of socks was in another area with a sign requesting people pair them up. Other initiatives included washing to fold, flowers to arrange and whole of tactile engaging activities.

Residents individual religious and culture needs were supported. This included taking them to attend the local church service. A member of staff said, "We have people who are of Jewish faith and Hindu faith as well as Christian and Catholic. We support them to celebrate their faith. For example, we support one person to attend synagogue and we help them to celebrate Shabbat dinner."

The service had been visited for several years by a group of children who had learning disabilities. Now young adults, they continued to visit the home monthly to take part in activities with people. The residents really enjoyed these visits and had built strong friendships.

The care provided at Admiral Court mirrored the providers visions and values within their unique care home charter, to create communities that enhance the quality of life, and give rise to new beginnings, and new futures for people within their care.

This positive culture focused on supporting everyone to live their lives to their fullest and encouraging them to give back to the community where they could. This resulted in high levels of life satisfaction, dignity and a culture of mutual respect and caring. One person said, "It's such a wonderful place to live. When you move to a care home, life doesn't have to be over."

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