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Alderwood L.L.A. Limited - Rushden: A Beacon of Innovation in Autism and Complex Needs Care

Introduction and Service Overview

Alderwood L.L.A. Limited - Rushden, located at 302 Wellingborough Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, excels in providing specialized care for five individuals with autism. Inspected on January 15, 2018, this small residential care home is committed to creating a safe, homely environment. It focuses on enabling people with learning disabilities and autism to live as ordinarily as any citizen, with an emphasis on independence, choice, and inclusion.

CQC Ratings

Alderwood L.L.A. Limited - Rushden has been awarded an 'Outstanding' overall rating from the Care Quality Commission, an achievement reflecting its high-quality, person-centered care. The service excels in responsive and well-led categories, and also holds good ratings in safe, effective, and caring categories.

At Alderwood L.L.A. Limited - Rushden, the care is exceptional, tailored to each individual's needs. Residents and their families play a vital role in care planning, which significantly influences the support provided. The service enables residents to reach important milestones in education, occupation, leisure activities, and independent living skills. Its flexibility and adaptability ensure positive outcomes and active community involvement.

The home, set in a residential area, offers a comforting environment. Staff use innovative methods to support residents in overcoming life's challenges. The focus is on promoting independence and community integration, catering to the complex needs of the residents.

Safety and health management at Alderwood L.L.A. Limited - Rushden is meticulous. Staff are well-versed in safeguarding procedures and conduct thorough risk assessments, ensuring a safe environment. The recruitment process is stringent, ensuring highly qualified staff who align with the service's values.

The leadership of the service is outstanding. The registered manager and senior management team provide strong, visionary support. Staff are passionate and committed, deeply aligned with the ethos of the support provided. Strong community links and collaboration with health and social care professionals enhance the quality of care.

Alderwood L.L.A. Limited - Rushden stands out as a prime example of exceptional care for people with autism and complex needs. Its nurturing environment, individualized approach, innovative strategies, and strong community engagement underscore its role as a leader in specialized residential care, dedicated to empowering and supporting personal development.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"As a senior consultant at Fulcrum Care, witnessing the innovative and personalized care at Alderwood L.L.A. Limited - Rushden is inspiring. Their dedication to individual growth, community integration, and a person-centered approach aligns closely with our goals at Fulcrum Care. Collaborating with such a committed team offers an exciting opportunity to further elevate the standards of care and support their pursuit of excellence."

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