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Bramley Court: A Sanctuary of Personalized Care and Community Harmony

Bramley Court in Histon, Cambridgeshire, operated by Carebase (Histon) Limited, is a residential care home providing nursing and personal care for up to 72 people. It supports older individuals, some living with dementia, offering en-suite facilities and shared communal areas. The home, divided into three units named Damson, Pear, and Cherry, was housing 67 residents at the time of the inspection.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has recognized Bramley Court with an 'Outstanding' overall rating, with 'Good' ratings in safety and being well-led. This reflects the home's consistent approach to managing and delivering high-quality care.

Bramley Court is known for its safe and well-led services. Staff are trained in safeguarding procedures, ensuring the protection and proper care of residents. They are skilled and knowledgeable about each person's needs, contributing to a safe and nurturing environment. The residents and their families appreciate the staff's attentiveness and personalized approach to care.

The home provides a clean, well-equipped environment tailored to meet the support needs of residents. It offers various activities and encourages residents to make choices and exercise control over their lives, supporting them in the least restrictive manner. The policies and systems of the service support this inclusive and person-centered practice.

Safety monitoring and management are robust at Bramley Court. Risks are identified, and effective measures are in place to mitigate them, including falls, skin integrity, eating and drinking, and access to outdoor spaces. Medicines are administered safely, and the service is clean and equipped to meet the residents' support needs.

The leadership at Bramley Court promotes high-quality, person-centered care. The management understands the duty of candour, being open and honest when things go wrong, and engaging with staff to foster a positive culture. The home works in partnership with health and social care professionals, enhancing the residents' wellbeing.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Bramley Court has truly created a sanctuary of personalized care, fostering a community-oriented environment. The 'Outstanding' CQC rating underscores the home's dedication to delivering high-quality care. Fulcrum Care recognizes the importance of such holistic approaches and is ready to support care homes like Bramley Court in sustaining excellence and achieving continuous improvement."

Bramley Court is an excellent example of a care home that combines personalized care with strong community and healthcare links. Its approach to empowering residents, alongside its safe and effective management, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a nurturing and supportive environment. The home's outstanding CQC rating further underscores its commitment to providing top-quality care.

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