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Brandon Park Residential and Nursing Home: A Haven of Personalized Care and Exceptional Leadership

Brandon Park Residential and Nursing Home, located in Suffolk and part of the Stow Healthcare Group, offers personalized care for up to 65 older people, including those with dementia. During the last inspection, 55 residents were availing of its services, which include a combination of accommodation, personal care, and nursing support.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has bestowed Brandon Park with an 'Outstanding' overall rating, particularly excelling in being caring, responsive, and well-led. This rating reflects the high standards of care and management consistently maintained at the home.

The home is renowned for its exceptional quality of care, where the staff provide compassionate and respectful support. Residents are involved in decisions about their daily lives, ensuring their dignity and independence are upheld. Feedback from residents and their families consistently praises the quality of care, highlighting the staff's kindness and respect.

Brandon Park offers a clean, hygienic, and pleasant environment, ensuring safety and comfort for its residents. The home is well-equipped to support a variety of activities, ensuring residents live fulfilling lives. The staff's attention to personal preferences and choices further enhances the living experience, promoting a sense of community and individuality.

The home prioritizes safety and health management, with effective systems in place to mitigate risks and handle medications safely. Staff are well-trained in recognizing and responding to abuse, and the home adheres to stringent infection prevention and control practices, providing a secure and safe environment for residents.

Leadership at Brandon Park is described as outstanding, creating an inclusive and supportive culture. The management team is well-respected, and their approach puts people at the heart of the service. The home maintains robust community links, further enriching the lives of residents and integrating the home into the local community.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Brandon Park sets a remarkable standard in delivering compassionate and personalized care. The 'Outstanding' CQC rating is a testament to the home's dedication to excellence. Fulcrum Care stands ready to support care homes like Brandon Park in sustaining these high standards and achieving continuous improvement."

Brandon Park Residential and Nursing Home is an exemplary care facility, combining high-quality, personalized care with exceptional leadership and strong community integration. Its outstanding CQC rating and comprehensive approach to resident wellbeing make it a top choice for individuals seeking compassionate and holistic care in a nurturing environment.

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