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Broadwater Lodge, Gadalming

Broadwater Lodge in Gadalming, Surrey, a nursing home providing personal and nursing care to older people was rated outstanding for being caring and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The safe, effective and well-led elements of the report scored Good.

The inspection took place on the 2 October 2019.

The CQC report highlighted that management and staff had a unique way of promoting parity between people and those who supported them. The 'Butterfly Model' of care was embedded throughout the service and resulted in high levels of engagement and stimulation. The 'Butterfly Model' is a recognised model of dementia care that rests on the belief that people's emotional needs are paramount to their well-being. Through this model people living with dementia can thrive when they and those supporting them know how to be person centred together. At Broadwater Lodge, whether it be through staff wearing different shoes, brightly coloured clothing or holding an animal, people's attention was caught, and joy was the prevalent emotion.

One relative said, "My first thought when I came in was that it was bonkers, and then I realised there was actually something very special about here and I absolutely love it."

The ethos at Broadwater Lodge was to focus on individuals and what was important to them. One member of staff said, "We want people to live their lives. People do what they feel like doing. We don't force anyone to do activities they are not interested in, but we do try and find out what they enjoy." As such, we saw that opportunities for engagement were as diverse as people. For some people musical entertainment was a highlight, whilst others preferred to spend one-to-one time with staff petting the animals or doing a crossword.

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