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Burnwood Nursing Home, Broadstone

The Burnwood Nursing Home in Broadstone, Dorset has been rated as outstanding, following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission, 23 & 29 January 2018.

The care home that cares for over 65's with sensory impairments, physical disabilities and dementia was awarded outstanding for being effective and responsive and good for the safe, caring and well-led aspects of the report.

The CQC report highlighted that Burnwood had been designed with careful attention to people's needs and wishes. Consequently, residents found the buildings and grounds very pleasant to be in. The provider had considered people's comfort and wellbeing, basing designs on improvements people had said they wanted. The provider had also considered research evidence into how design can enhance people's experience in care settings, when designing, decorating and furnishing the premises. All areas were maintained and decorated to a high standard; they had a homely rather than an institutional feel.

Rooms in both buildings all had floor length windows, so people had a clear view over the trees, plants and wildlife in the grounds, even if they were in bed. Some rooms had balconies to provide private space for gardening or outdoor furniture. People sat and enjoyed the view from their windows, smiling as CQC inspectors walked up the drive.

In reception there was a large carving incorporating various animals and birds that were typically seen in the grounds. This had been installed so that people with a visual impairment could experience this important aspect of the service's environment.

Professionals fed back to the CQC that Burnwood was focused on providing person-centred care of a high standard. They said the managers and staff communicated well with them. One described the service as "very conscientious, thorough and caring." Another said the service was "exemplary" amongst all the care homes they visited.

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