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Chiswick House: An Outstanding Oasis of Care and Community Engagement

Chiswick House, managed by Black Swan International Limited in Norwich, Norfolk, offers a holistic care approach in a Victorian property with a modern extension. This residential care home, accommodating up to 26 individuals, some of whom live with dementia, provides a comfortable and home-like environment with communal areas and a garden.

Following the Introduction, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) gave Chiswick House an 'Outstanding' overall rating in its latest inspection. This accolade, particularly highlighting its caring and well-led services, underscores the home's dedication to continuous improvement and excellence in care.

The staff at Chiswick House, known for their kindness, compassion, and attentiveness, are celebrated for consistently exceeding expectations to meet residents' needs. Their approach to treating each individual with respect and dignity sets a high standard in care services.

The home's design prioritizes comfort and engagement, with well-maintained facilities catering to a variety of needs. Regularly organized activities and social events, both within the home and in the community, help prevent social isolation and foster an enriching lifestyle for residents.

Chiswick House places a strong emphasis on safety and health management, with robust systems to assess and manage risks. Medication practices are safe and secure, and the recruitment process ensures a safe environment for all residents.

The leadership at Chiswick House is instrumental in creating a caring, inclusive, and respectful culture. Staff feel valued and are empowered to deliver high-quality care. Additionally, the home's strong community links enrich residents' lives by involving them in various activities and initiatives.

In conclusion, Chiswick House exemplifies high-quality care in a residential setting. Its commitment to a nurturing, secure, and engaging environment, coupled with strong community involvement and exceptional leadership, marks it as a top choice for families seeking compassionate care for their loved ones.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Chiswick House is a prime example of excellence in residential care. At Fulcrum Care, we are impressed by their commitment to providing compassionate, person-centered care, and their outstanding leadership. Homes like Chiswick House inspire our work, as we strive to assist care homes in achieving and maintaining such high standards."

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