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Connaught Court, York

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Connaught Court in York a residential home providing personal care and nursing for adults over 65, was rated outstanding for being effective and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 12 & 20 November 2019.

The safe, caring and responsive categories were rated Good.

The CQC report highlighted that outside a summer house had been added which provided a quiet space for visitors and residents.

An allotment was utilised and chickens created an area where people could help look after the animals and gather the eggs that were used in baking or sold to contribute to a welfare fund for people.

One resident said, "I can see the chickens from my room, sometimes I feed them."

The provider proactively involved staff in the running of the wider business. This included working groups and forums. Staff could directly access advice and support from internal sources within the company empowering them to speak openly and honestly about their experiences. For example, human resources surgeries where staff could directly access advice and guidance on internal procedures. This impacted by reducing complaints and grievances made by staff. Working groups involving staff had helped to improve the supervision process, making this more flexible and supportive. The provider's recent 'night project' which involved observations and feedback from people and night staff, had the potential impact to directly reduce incidents during the night time.

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