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Devonshire Court: A Beacon of Excellence in Care

Introduction and Service Overview

Devonshire Court, managed by The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution Care Company, is a renowned care home in Leicester. Specializing in providing integrated accommodation, nursing, and personal care, it primarily serves masons and those with masonic connections, while being open to others as well. Following an unannounced inspection on August 15, 2018, the home has upheld its commitment to delivering high-quality care and accommodation.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

Residents of Devonshire Court are privy to an exceptional level of care, as indicated by its outstanding ratings in various areas from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The home is recognized for its safe, caring, responsive, and well-led environment. The compassionate and skilled staff team plays a crucial role in ensuring a pleasant and secure living experience for residents.

Environment and Activities

Devonshire Court features a thoughtful two-floor design, including a specialized dementia care unit on the first floor. The home offers a variety of activities that cater to the needs and abilities of residents, promoting engagement and fulfillment. Its environment supports both social interaction and personal tranquility, accommodating the diverse needs of its residents.

Safety and Health Management

Safety and health are paramount at Devonshire Court, characterized by effective staffing and robust health management procedures. The management of medications and access to healthcare services are key aspects of the home's approach to health management, underscoring their commitment to resident safety and well-being.

Leadership and Community Links

The home's excellent leadership has been instrumental in enhancing residents' life experiences. The management's vision and high standards permeate throughout the staff, creating a culture of excellence. Additionally, the home's engagement with local schools and organizations enriches the lives of its residents, fostering community connections.

CQC Ratings

Devonshire Court has earned an 'Outstanding' overall rating from the CQC, showcasing its excellence in various critical aspects of care. This rating is a testament to the home's ongoing dedication to upholding high standards in care, environment, and leadership.


Devonshire Court stands as a model of excellence in the care home sector, offering superb care, a supportive environment, and robust community ties. It represents an ideal choice for those seeking a comfortable, engaging, and dignified living experience.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Devonshire Court is an exemplary care home, demonstrating what is possible when commitment to quality, compassionate care, and community engagement are prioritized. The home's 'Outstanding' CQC rating across multiple categories is a reflection of its dedication to excellence. At Fulcrum Care, we are inspired by such commitment and strive to support care homes like Devonshire Court in continuing to provide superior care and enrich the lives of their residents."

To explore how Fulcrum Care can assist your care home on the path to excellence, visit our website: [](

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