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Downs View Care Centre, Swindon

Downs View Care Centre in Swindon, Wiltshire, was rated outstanding for being caring, and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), on 27 January 2020.

The safe, effective and well-led categories received a score of Good.

Downs View Care Centre is a residential care home registered to provide accommodation and personal care to older people.

Last year, the provider's caring nature was nationally recognised and Downs View was awarded the title of the "Member of the Year 2019" by the National Care Association. This award was based on achievements such as implementing innovative ideas, initiating sustainable change, providing exceptional care and positively improving ethos and culture.

The service went the extra mile in supporting people to re-gain their independence. One person was discharged from hospital with a prognosis of declining mobility. This person was unable to mobilise without using a hoist and the assistance of two members of staff. The team ensured their food intake was monitored to ensure the resident would build up strength to begin to weight bear with the assistance of staff. Staff patiently supported the person with mobilisation and encouraged them to stand up from the sitting position and take small slow steps. This was done consistently every day and the person began to get stronger and stronger.

Staff knew how to meet the complex needs of people living with dementia. The training provided gave staff an insight into how people living with dementia may be feeling. As a result, they had a better understanding of what someone living with advanced dementia could be experiencing. Staff were trained how to apply distractions in heightened situations, they knew how to use a soft tone of voice as this is proven to be effective and reduced anxiety when a person was anxious.

The service introduced a Namaste Care Programme designed for sensory, physical and emotional elements. Staff provided residents with hand, feet, head, neck and shoulder massage while they were enjoying listening to soothing music. This practical and pro–active holistic dementia therapy was an alternative to using antipsychotic medicines. Staff used Namaste Care programme so effectively that there was a reduction in the use of these medicines.

Three residents no longer required the previous level of medicines to control their behaviour, identifying that they felt at ease and comfortable with the support of staff who knew how to meet their needs.

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