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Ealing House Residential Care Home: A Beacon of Compassion and Excellence in Elderly Care

Ealing House Residential Care Home, located at 86 Repps Road in Martham, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, is a distinguished residential care facility. Specializing in caring for older adults, including those with physical disabilities, dementia, or long-term health conditions, the home accommodates up to 17 residents. At the time of the latest inspection, Ealing House was fully occupied, providing dedicated and tailored care to each individual.

Ealing House Residential Care Home proudly holds an 'Outstanding' rating in the categories of being responsive and well-led from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), with 'Good' ratings in other key areas. These commendable ratings reflect the home's unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch, personalized care to its residents.

The home is renowned for its person-centered approach, with staff highly motivated and committed to delivering care that meets each resident's unique needs and preferences. The recruitment and training process is rigorously undertaken to maintain and elevate the standard of care and support provided.

Ealing House excels in offering a creative activities program, with staff dedicated to understanding and nurturing residents' hobbies and interests. The home focuses on promoting independence and integrating its residents with the local community, moving away from the traditional institutional image of residential care.

A strong emphasis is placed on meeting residents' nutritional and hydration needs, with a dedicated team managing these aspects. Ealing House's involvement in a hydration study with a local university underscores its dedication to health and well-being. Risk management is thorough, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all residents.

The leadership at Ealing House, including the registered manager and provider, is proactive in engaging in research beneficial to residents. There is a vibrant culture of embracing new practices and striving for continuous improvement, fostering an open and transparent environment.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Ealing House Residential Care Home's exceptional approach to elderly care, as evidenced by its outstanding CQC ratings, is a testament to its dedication and expertise in this field. The home's focus on person-centered care, innovative practices, and community integration aligns perfectly with the standards we value at Fulcrum Care. Our role in supporting and guiding care homes like Ealing House ensures that they continue to excel and innovate in providing top-quality care. Ealing House's commitment to continuous improvement and adapting to residents' needs is precisely the kind of approach we champion and encourage in the care sector."

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