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Ealing House Residential Care Home, Martham

Ealing House Residential Care Home in Martham, Norfolk a residential care home for older people whose needs were associated with physical disability, dementia or long- term health conditions was rated outstanding for being caring and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 18 September 2019.

The safe, effective and well-led categories received a Good score from the CQC.

The CQC report highlighted that people were actively encouraged to maintain relationships with their friends and families and to make new friends with others living in the service. Visitors were made welcome, visit at any time and stay for as long as they wanted.

The provider also provided a day centre facility for a few people living alone in the local community. This benefitted people living in the service, as this gave them an opportunity to build new friendships and have different conversations. The provider considered the local community to be important and welcomed any opportunities that benefitted people.

Policies had been adapted to take account of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community. A member of staff commented, "We now take a positive approach rather than a passive approach to this topic." The topic was also discussed in staff meetings, and the registered manager said that they felt confident that staff would be able to support people effectively.

The service had recently implemented, 'The importance of well-being'. This was for staff to record anything which was meaningful to a person. It could include a conversation, taking part in an activity or anything that enhanced people's well-being. One person said, "I feel very lucky because you hear about some places where people are just sitting around and the carers are all too busy to talk; it's not like that here."

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