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Eaton House Residential Care Home, Slough

The Eaton House Residential Home in Slough, Berkshire providing dementia care for adults has been given the overall score of outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The inspection took place on 22 January 2019.

Eaton House was rated outstanding in three out of five key areas.

Outstanding ratings were given in the effective, caring and well-led aspects of the report, and the safe and responsiveelements received a score of good.

Since the last CQC inspection, Eaton House introduced the NHS healthcare leadership model (HELM), focusing on both person-centred values as well as assisting a staff member to understand their own personal values and qualities. The course also prepared staff for future leadership and management roles within the adult social care landscape.

The service had also developed an extensive staff competency framework, aligned to behaviour expected of staff members performing their roles and linked to the values of the service. The framework enabled management to measure how staff interacted with people, what difference they made to their life and what strengths and areas for improvement the staff member could make in their care of people.

The service had volunteers who visited from the National Citizens Service. The volunteers provided interaction with people as well as helping improve the environment, such as the garden. One volunteer wrote, "We appreciate your support in helping us throw the tea party [for people who used the service] and we have enjoyed having you as a partner."

Another volunteer stated, "As someone who had a grandad with Alzheimer's, it is touching the amount of effort and care you and your team put into everyday care."

Some of the staff at Eaton House had worked in health and social care previously and felt that Eton House was the ‘best company’ they had worked for. One said they never wanted to work in a care home, got the job after interview and had ‘not looked back. They said, "Working in here is very rewarding, challenging." Another staff member said, "My son has been volunteering here during school holidays." Other staff said, "I enjoy working here, it's like a homely family environment, everyone looks out for each other."

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