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Elysium Care Partnerships Limited - 89 Ewell Road: Blend of Personalized Care and Community Engagement

Elysium Care Partnerships Limited - 89 Ewell Road, located in Surbiton, Surrey, specializes in supporting nine young men with learning disabilities and/or autism. This residential care home, part of the London Care Partnership group, is focused on providing a highly individualized and supportive environment. The home operates with a strong emphasis on promoting independence and inclusion, and the staff is highly trained in providing specialized care.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rated 89 Ewell Road as 'Outstanding' overall, with exceptional ratings in being caring, responsive, and well-led. This rating reflects the home's commitment to high-quality, individualized care and its responsiveness to the needs of its residents.

The care service at 89 Ewell Road is developed in line with best practice guidance, emphasizing choice, promotion of independence, and inclusion. Residents receive exceptional care from a service recognized nationally for its expertise in autism support. The environment fosters inclusivity, ensuring that residents' needs are prioritized, and personal choice and inclusion are routinely promoted.

89 Ewell Road provides a safe and engaging living space conducive to the well-being of its residents. The home offers a range of person-centered activities that allow residents to lead in managing their daily lives. The service's focus is always on personalized care that caters to the individual needs of each resident.

The management ensures that the care delivery is safe, with risks to residents continually assessed. The premises are well maintained, and the staff recruitment processes are rigorous, ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents. Medication management and healthcare provision are effectively handled, promoting a high quality of life for the residents.

Leadership at 89 Ewell Road is highly regarded, with positive feedback about the registered manager and their interaction with residents and support for the staff team. The management places a high priority on the quality of living and constantly seeks to innovate and improve service provision. Strong community links and engagement are integral to the home's operations.

"The approach to care at Elysium Care Partnerships Limited - 89 Ewell Road is exemplary, particularly in promoting independence and personalized support. This resonates with Fulcrum Care's philosophy. We believe our expertise in enhancing care quality can help other care homes achieve similar success. Their 'Outstanding' CQC rating is a commendable achievement, and it's something we aspire to help others attain through collaborative and innovative strategies."

Elysium Care Partnerships Limited - 89 Ewell Road excels in providing care for young men with learning disabilities and autism, offering a nurturing environment that emphasizes personal growth and community involvement. The home's outstanding CQC rating, coupled with its focus on individualized care and strong leadership, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking comprehensive and compassionate care in a supportive setting.

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