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Faldonside Lodge: Delivering Exceptional Care with Compassion and Respect

Faldonside Lodge, nestled in Cromer, Norfolk, is a personal care facility that stands out for its exceptional and individualized care for people aged 65 and over. Managed by Mrs. J Soobrayen, the home can support up to 15 residents and is currently providing care for 13. It's celebrated for its thoughtful, caring staff and a culture that fosters open, supportive relationships.

Faldonside Lodge is honored with an 'Outstanding' overall rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), reflecting its dedication to providing high-quality, person-centered care. It has received 'Good' ratings in safety and effectiveness, and 'Outstanding' in caring, responsiveness, and leadership, underscoring the home's commitment to excellence in all aspects of care.

Residents of Faldonside Lodge experience care that consistently exceeds expectations. The service's loving and warm culture is highly praised by both residents and health professionals. At the heart of the service is a resident-centered approach, focusing on providing support that is least restrictive and aligned with residents' best interests.

David M (Son of Resident)

Finding Faldonside felt like an extreme stroke of good luck. I knew I was in the right place as soon as I walked through the door; light, clean, airy and welcoming.My Mum stayed here for 9 months, my review is for September 2014 to May 2015. During all that time the staff were lovely, it was always a pleasure to visit. I turned up at all times of the day and early evening and never came across anything that caused me any kind of worry.

Safety and health management are key priorities at Faldonside Lodge. Staff are well-trained in safeguarding practices and demonstrate effective knowledge in this area. The proactive approach of the registered manager in addressing minor safety issues ensures a consistently safe environment. The management of medication and nutritional needs meets high standards, contributing to the overall well-being of residents.

The leadership of the home, including the registered manager and the staff team, provides consistent and robust oversight, resulting in the delivery of high-quality care. Regular engagement and consultation with residents highlight the home's dedication to involving them in the service and ensuring their voices are heard.

In conclusion, Faldonside Lodge exemplifies exceptional care in a nurturing and supportive setting. Its focus on person-centered care, coupled with effective safety management and outstanding leadership, guarantees a high quality of life for its residents. The home's 'Outstanding' rating in several key areas by the CQC affirms its status as a top-tier provider in elderly care.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Faldonside Lodge's 'Outstanding' rating by the CQC in caring, responsiveness, and leadership is a clear indicator of its commitment to delivering exceptional, person-centered care. At Fulcrum Care, we are impressed by such high standards and are eager to support homes like Faldonside Lodge in maintaining and further enhancing these qualities. Our expertise in care management and continuous improvement strategies is designed to help care homes sustain such high levels of excellence and provide the best possible care to their residents."

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