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Fonthill House Care Home, St Albans

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The service was rated outstanding overall at the 5 June 2019 inspection, outstanding for being effective, caring, responsive and well-led and good for being safe.

Fonthill Care Limited runs the service, which provides nursing and palliative care for people 65 and over.

“We were impressed with what we found during our inspection of Fonthill House,” said Jemima Burnage, CQC’s head of inspection for adult social care.

“People told inspectors they felt safe and secure and were central to everything at the home. Care and support plans were reviewed regularly in consultation with the individuals concerned and, where needed, family members to ensure the service continued to meet their changing needs.

“There were plenty of staff available to meet people’s care needs at all times and they provided support based on people’s individual needs and preferences.”

The providers ethos is to make sure people receive great care, by ensuring that staff get appropriate training and development.

One staff member said, "The staff are so supportive, we have excellent training. If we have any questions, we can see the nurses and they take the time to discuss. One thing I was told is no question is too silly."

Staff were supported by the provider to develop their skills and the provider had ensured that the staff in place had the skills and knowledge to promote great outcomes.

The CQC highlighted that it was clear to see people's care was based on what was important to them. One resident with no living family mentioned to a staff member that all they wanted for their birthday was a 'proper Italian lasagna.' On the person's birthday the staff member collected a lasagne from the local Italian restaurant. They sat together at lunch and enjoyed a quiet birthday celebration.

The staff member did this on their day off. This showed the caring nature of staff and friendships they developed with residents.

Residents received their care at exactly the time they needed, this met their needs exceptionally well. Inspectors spoke with one person who required specialist equipment to promote their independence.

The resident told the inspector, "Staff help me to live my life the way I want."

Their relative said, "The staff here are incredible, completely caring and they have the right skills to care." They also explained, since coming to Fonthill House their relatives outlook had completely changed and they were now more positive and enjoying life again. They told us, "This is because of the wonderful staff."

One staff member said, "The provider is very supportive. People get what they need it's not about the cost it's always about meeting people's needs."

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