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Godswell Park, Banbury

Godswell Park in Banbury, Oxfordshire, was rated outstanding for being safe, caring, effective, responsive, and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), on 25 February & 9 March 2020.

Godswell Park is a residential care home providing personal and nursing care to people aged 65 and over.

The service maintained exceptional staffing levels that met people's needs and kept them safe. There was a significantly high ratio of staff and exceptionally low turnover which helped ensure staff had an excellent understanding of people's needs and personalities. The service never used agency staff.

People were very well cared for by highly skilled staff who had an in-depth understanding. Staff had excellent knowledge of people's individual needs and used it to provide personalised approaches to care. We observed staff effectively used their skills to respond effectively when people needed support.

It was clear to the CQC that people living at Godswell were accustomed to outstanding care and their expectations were high. Staff cared for individuals and each other in a way that exceeds expectations.

On the day of the inspection CQC inspectors witnessed some very discreet acts of compassion among residents. For example, during lunch one person was dribbling whilst talking. The person seating next to them nudged them discreetly each time this happened.

People had access to a full programme of activities, overseen by a committed, passionate, and experienced team of coordinators. Activities included book club, wellbeing exercises, board games, quizzes, walks, weekly news reviews, music mornings, poetry group, yoga, flower club, art club, films in the in-house cinema and reminiscence sessions.

Residents who enjoyed gardening had access to raised beds and potting sheds. There was also a summer house with kitchen where people spent time with each other and families.

Godswell Park's philosophy continued to treat and respect people as if they were one's own parents. They genuinely believed keeping staff happy and motivated was an integral part of that philosophy. The management team actively promoted an ethos of teamwork and mutual support among the various teams.

Staff engaged in interdepartmental team meetings allowing them to discuss and identify areas of improvement and brainstorm ideas for maintain outstanding practices.

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