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Hassingham House Care Centre: A Haven of Holistic Care and Community Integration

Hassingham House Care Centre, located in Hingham, Norwich, Norfolk, is a residential care home providing nursing care and accommodation for up to 46 people. Managed by Hassingham Limited, the care centre was serving 44 people at the time of the inspection on March 5, 2019. It is renowned for its exceptional care and commitment to enhancing the lives of its residents.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rated Hassingham House Care Centre as 'Outstanding' overall. The centre achieved 'Outstanding' in the Effective, Caring, Responsive, and Well-Led categories, and 'Good' in Safe, reflecting its dedication to providing exceptional care in all aspects.

The care at Hassingham House is distinguished by its outstanding effectiveness and responsiveness. Residents enjoy kind, person-centered support from a highly motivated staff team committed to delivering the best possible care. The focus on promoting independence, dignity, and potential maximization is evident in the encouragement given to residents to set and achieve goals, aiding in regaining independence where feasible.

Hassingham House boasts strong community links, significantly benefiting its residents.

These connections help reduce isolation and loneliness and foster intergenerational relationships. The activities offered are both creative and diverse, ensuring that residents have an engaging and stimulating environment tailored to their interests and needs.

Safety is a primary focus at Hassingham House, with established systems and processes to protect residents from abuse and avoidable harm. The comprehensive approach to assessing and managing risks supports the well-being and health of residents effectively.

The leadership at Hassingham House is exceptional. The registered manager and the

management team are dedicated to delivering a service that significantly improves residents' lives in fulfilling and creative ways. Their passion has fostered a dynamic, vibrant service. The team's encouragement of innovation, creativity, and the sharing of ideas and best practices are commonplace at the service.

In conclusion, Hassingham House Care Centre excels in its holistic approach to care and strong community integration. Its outstanding CQC ratings and positive feedback from residents, families, and professionals affirm its status as a premier care facility. The centre is celebrated for its nurturing environment, where residents receive personalized care and enjoy a high quality of life.

Keir C (Grandson of Resident)

"My grandad spent 11 months at Hassingham House Care Centre, where they provided excellent care and support for both him and my wider family, particularly during the end-of-life stage. The nurses, carers, and wider staff were all fantastic, and the management was second to none. They made a difficult time as easy as possible."

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Hassingham House Care Centre is a prime example of excellence in holistic care and community integration. The 'Outstanding' rating from CQC across multiple domains highlights their exceptional approach to care. At Fulcrum Care, we advocate for such high standards of care that not only meet but exceed residents' needs. Hassingham House exemplifies this through its person-centered care, strong community ties, and innovative practices, which resonate with our mission to support care homes in achieving such levels of excellence."

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