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Hurst House, Swindon

Hurst House in Swindon, Wiltshire was rated outstanding for being caring and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 9 & 14 January 2020.

It achieved the score of Good for the safe, effective and well-led categories.

Hurst House is a residential care home providing personal care to adults living with learning disabilities and autism.

The CQC report highlighted that staff excelled in supporting people to pursue their interests. One person was supported to enter a gardening competition organised by the provider. She designed the layout of the garden, garden ornaments and a bird bath. This was an important step for the person which introduced them to more independent living and provided them with an opportunity to express themselves through gardening. As a result, the person's health and well-being improved greatly resulting in positive changes in their behaviour. She was previously at risk of self-neglect after their previous care arrangements broke down and the way they were empowered now had completely changed the life of the person.

The person's relative said, "She is much happier since moving to Hurst House. She is an incredibly lucky person."

Residents received care which was extremely person-centred and responsive to their needs.

One person's mobility deteriorated. This meant the environment could became unsuitable for their needs. This caused the person a lot of anxiety and they repeatedly stated that they did not want to live anywhere else as Hurst House was their home. The person drew plans for a bespoke bedroom and wet room. The person had an active role throughout the project in choosing the layout, design and decoration for their new bedroom and en-suite which met their needs. This included colour schemes, where the person wanted their bedroom furniture, at what height their new toilet and sink would be and exactly where the person wanted their handrails. The renewed bedroom and wet room were designed to reduce the risk of injury in case of a fall. It provided easy access for emergency services and new patio door and ramps had been incorporated in the design. The person was able to continue to live in the service which they considered to be their home.

The person said, "I am very happy to continue living here. Previously staff had to call an ambulance. The ambulance crew struggled in my bedroom, so my bedroom was renewed, and I feel safer now. I have my own telephone and 'doorbell' so I can call for help if I need to."

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