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Kevlin House: Exceptional Care in a Community-Focused Setting

Kevlin House, a part of Hollycoombe Healthcare Ltd, is a charming care home nestled in North Walsham, Norfolk. Catering to up to 15 older individuals, including those living with dementia, it provides a nurturing and adapted environment. At the time of the inspection, it was nearly at full capacity, accommodating 14 residents, illustrating its capability and dedication to personalized care.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has bestowed an overall 'Outstanding' rating upon Kevlin House, with 'Good' scores in safety and effectiveness and 'Outstanding' in caring, responsiveness, and leadership. These ratings are a testament to the high standard of care and management that the home consistently upholds.

Kevlin House's care quality and resident experience are marked by a person-centered approach, where residents benefit from the unwavering support of a passionate and knowledgeable staff team. Staff members are commended for their innovative ways of enabling residents to express their views and participate actively in all aspects of their care and support.

The safety and health management at Kevlin House are exemplary. Residents are assured of their safety, with risks carefully assessed and minimized. The staff, proficient in medicine management, collaborates effectively with external care professionals to ensure residents' needs are met safely and appropriately.

Leadership at Kevlin House is both skilled and experienced. The team's commitment to involving residents, families, staff, and other stakeholders in service development fosters continuous improvements. The home's recognition at the Norfolk Care Awards highlights its commitment to excellence.

Kevlin House stands out as an exceptional care home, providing outstanding, personalized care in a community-focused setting. Its focus on safety, person-centered care, effective leadership, and strong community connections establish it as an ideal choice for older individuals, especially those living with dementia.

J H (Daughter of Resident)

"The care and attention to Mum has been amazing. Mum moved here at the beginning of November from another care home, and the transformation has been wonderful. Mum has Alzheimer's, and the understanding and management of her condition at Kevlin House is top-notch!"

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Kevlin House's 'Outstanding' rating from the CQC speaks volumes about their commitment to exceptional care. At Fulcrum Care, we are impressed by their approach to person-centered care, robust safety measures, and effective leadership. Our goal is to support homes like Kevlin House in their journey towards excellence, ensuring continued high-quality care for residents."

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