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Landermeads Care Home: A Haven of Exceptional Care and Heartfelt Community

Introduction and Service Overview

Landermeads Care Home, located in Chilwell, Beeston, Nottingham, offers nursing and personal care for up to 86 people across five interconnected houses, each with separate adapted facilities. Specializing in dementia care and physical, neurological, or learning disabilities, the home ensures people are matched to a house depending on their dementia level or specific needs.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

The staff and management at Landermeads are totally committed to delivering high-quality, person-centered care. The emotionally-led care approach is at the heart of their service, ensuring that residents are treated with exceptional care and kindness. End-of-life care is noted for its excellence, and the home fosters a family-like atmosphere where residents are respected and treated as equals.

Environment and Activities

Landermeads provides a stimulating and homely environment. The interests and hobbies of residents are incorporated into the home's design, including gardens and indoor spaces. Activities are tailored to individual preferences, promoting residents' engagement and sense of belonging.

Safety and Health Management

The recruitment of staff is safe, and staffing levels are high to ensure quick attention to residents' needs. The service adheres to stringent safety and health management practices, including safe medicine management and effective infection control, ensuring a safe living environment.

Leadership and Community Links

The service is exceptionally well-led, with a registered manager demonstrating strong external links and a focus on continuous development and improvement. The comprehensive governance structure in place continuously monitors the quality of the service, ensuring high standards.

CQC Ratings

Landermeads Care Home has received an 'Outstanding' rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for being safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led, reflecting its commitment to providing high-quality care.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"As a Senior Consultant at Fulcrum Care, I am continually impressed by the exceptional level of care and heartfelt community at Landermeads Care Home. Their dedication to providing tailored, emotionally-led care, especially in areas like dementia and end-of-life care, sets a high standard in the industry. The 'Outstanding' rating from the CQC is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. Landermeads is a prime example of how Fulcrum Care strives to support care homes in achieving and maintaining such high levels of care and service."


Landermeads Care Home stands out as a premier care provider, offering a supportive and nurturing environment with a strong focus on individual care. The combination of its exceptional leadership, community involvement, and commitment to residents' well-being makes it a top choice for individuals seeking comprehensive and compassionate care services.

To explore how Fulcrum Care can assist your care home on the path to excellence, visit our website: [](

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