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New Boundaries Group - 331 Fakenham Road: A Pioneering Approach to Personalized and Inclusive Care

Situated in the heart of Taverham, Norwich, Norfolk, New Boundaries Group - 331 Fakenham Road stands as a bastion of specialized care. This residential care service caters to the unique needs of five individuals under 65, who live with complex needs, learning disabilities, autism, and mental health challenges. The facility offers each resident their own en-suite accommodation alongside shared communal spaces, crafting a living environment that is both individualized and comfortably communal.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has awarded New Boundaries Group - 331 Fakenham Road an 'Outstanding' overall rating, with particular commendation in the 'responsive' and 'well-led' categories. This rating is a testament to the home's dedication to delivering personalized, effective care, and its leadership's commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

331 Fakenham Road is celebrated for its exceptional management and its inclusive, person-centered care approach. The staff, known for their inclusive work ethic, are deeply committed to providing care that meets the individual needs of each resident. This commitment is mirrored in the positive feedback from residents and their families. The service's success in integrating residents into the local community significantly enhances their social interactions and overall quality of life.

Environment and Activities

The residence exudes a homely and nurturing atmosphere, actively promoting the autonomy of residents and their involvement in daily activities. These activities, both varied and meaningful, play a crucial role in enhancing the mental and physical well-being of the residents. Situated in a vibrant community, the home offers residents regular access to community services, further enriching their lives.

Safety and Health Management

Safety and health management at 331 Fakenham Road are paramount. The staff are well-trained in safeguarding procedures and adept at risk management. The service maintains exceptional cleanliness and organization, contributing to a safe and healthy living environment. Medication management is conducted with utmost care, backed by ongoing staff training and support.

Leadership and Community Links

The leadership at 331 Fakenham Road is distinguished by its focus on continuous improvement and person-centered support. The service maintains strong relationships with health and social care professionals, ensuring comprehensive and collaborative care for its residents.

New Boundaries Group - 331 Fakenham Road represents a pioneering spirit in the realm of personalized and inclusive care. Its commitment to providing individualized care, supported by a skilled and compassionate staff, fosters a positive and enriching living experience for residents. The home's emphasis on community integration, personal empowerment, and continual improvement marks it as a leader in providing care for individuals with complex needs.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Seeing the innovative and personalized care approach at New Boundaries Group - 331 Fakenham Road is truly commendable. Their dedication to providing individualized support, combined with their outstanding leadership and integration into the community, sets a remarkable example in the care sector. Fulcrum Care is proud to support such services in their continued efforts to provide exemplary care and foster an environment of continuous improvement."

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