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Nightingale Lodge: A Standard of Excellence in Holistic and Responsive Care

Nightingale Lodge, proudly managed by Black Swan International Limited, is a residential care home located in the picturesque town of Hunstanton, Norfolk. Designed to accommodate up to 29 elderly individuals, the home, with 24 residents at the time of inspection, offers a modernized and comfortable setting tailored to the needs of its residents. This establishment provides a warm and inclusive environment, ensuring that all residents feel at home.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has honored Nightingale Lodge with an 'Outstanding' overall rating, particularly shining in the 'caring', 'responsive', and 'well-led' categories. These accolades reflect the home's unwavering commitment to offering personalized, empathetic, and responsive care to its residents.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

Nightingale Lodge is distinguished by its exceptionally caring and responsive service. Residents and their relatives consistently express high levels of satisfaction, commending the staff for their compassionate and accommodating nature. The care at Nightingale Lodge is deeply individualized, with staff dedicated to understanding and fulfilling each resident's unique needs and preferences.

Environment and Activities

The lodge provides a nurturing and safe setting that promotes the overall well-being of its residents. It engages them in a diverse range of activities, both group and individual, that are tailored to their interests and hobbies. Creative methods, such as virtual hugs and sharing poems, have been employed to maintain family connections, especially important during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety and Health Management

At Nightingale Lodge, safety and health management are paramount. The team is well-versed in safeguarding practices and has instituted stringent measures to protect residents from harm. Adherence to infection control procedures is meticulous, safeguarding both residents and staff.

Leadership and Community Links

The leadership at Nightingale Lodge is exemplary, characterized by a strong ethos of personalized care. The registered manager receives high praise for their exceptional leadership skills, cultivating a culture of mutual support and collaboration. The home maintains robust connections with healthcare professionals and the local community, enriching the care and experiences of its residents.

Nightingale Lodge sets a gold standard in residential care, offering a holistic and responsive environment that centers on the well-being and dignity of its residents. With a commitment to individualized care, supported by a compassionate and skilled team, the lodge ensures a high quality of life for its residents. Its emphasis on safety, health management, and continuous improvement solidifies its position as a premier care provider.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Nightingale Lodge exemplifies the pinnacle of quality in residential care. Their holistic and responsive approach to care, combined with exceptional leadership and a commitment to safety and health, sets a high bar in the care sector. At Fulcrum Care, we are enthusiastic about supporting such establishments that are dedicated to enhancing the lives of their residents and maintaining the highest standards of care."

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