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Queens Court, Bottisham

Queens Court in Bottisham, Cambridgeshire a residential home for adults over 65, some living with dementia, was rated outstanding for being caring and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 12 November 2019.

The safe, effective and well-led categories were rated Good.

The CQC report highlighted that Queens Court had created a very caring and friendly atmosphere between staff and residents, that included small touches. The chef came out of the kitchen and checked with people that they were enjoying their meal or if they would like anything different.

Staff knew people very well and were able to tell the CQC about individuals and their lives and families. One resident said, "The staff are brilliant, and they'll do anything for you, like run errands."

Another person said, "The staff are good here; they'll come and talk to you and they're kind and listen to you. If you ask for anything they'll try and get it for you.”

Prior to staying at Queens Court, a person had become withdrawn from their normal life and activities. Staff worked hard to support the person with exceptional results and positive impact on their quality of life. The resident thanked staff and stated, "I'd like to thank you all for your friendship and support. When I first came to Queens Court, I was a nervous wreck, now I've got most of my confidence back thanks to you and the nine weeks I spent with you. I can never thank you enough, you brought me back to life."

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