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Rafael Home, Carlsholton Beeches

Rafael Home in Carlsholton Beeches, Surrey providing personal care for people with learning disabilities was rated outstanding for being caring, responsive and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 31 October 2019.

The safe and effective categories received a Good score from the CQC.

The CQC report highlighted that staff continually fed back and validated people's feelings, showing them, they were valued and understood. An example the CQC gave was when a person who did not communicate verbally showed a member of staff a card with a picture of a witch on it. The member of staff showed the person where they had been preparing items for the house Halloween party. The person's body language and facial expression indicated that they were feeling excited about the party and staff responded enthusiastically to this.

Care plans were highly detailed and this attention to detail meant staff were able to provide care to people's exact specifications even if they were new and had not yet got to know people well. This included information about how people preferred to be supported in the bath or shower, support for one person to clean their glasses, people's preferred daily routines, the support people needed to access the community and how to meet people's religious needs. The provider had recorded if people had a preference to be supported for personal care by male or female staff.

The service had regular residents' meetings, which were led by the residents and run in such a way as to ensure everyone's voice was heard. Notes from the meetings showed staff listened to what people said, valued their input and acted on their feedback. This included people who did not communicate verbally as the provider adjusted to ensure they had an equal opportunity to contribute. One resident said, "They are nice meetings. I can say what I think."

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