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St John’s Grove, Bromsgrove

St John’s Grove in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, a residential care home for older people requiring nursing care, some living with dementia has been rated outstanding for being caring, responsive and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The safe, effective and responsive elements of the report received the score of Good.

The inspection took place on the 8 & 12 August 2019.

The CQC report highlighted that staff were exceptionally emphatic and used non-verbal communication, smiles and touch in their communications. One person had a hug with a staff member and smiled in acknowledgement. Another person was reassured by staff talking with them and the staff member stayed with the person in their own reality. This is important and reassuring for people living with dementia.

A resident said, "I feel comfortable here and accepted, this does not happen very often in life." Another person told CQC inspectors staff provided the comfort they needed in a sensitive way when they forgot things. On this subject, the person said, "I feel really lucky to be here amongst friends."

Staff and the management team were continually searching for ideas of enabling all people to have access and be involved in social events whatever their needs. This included the introduction of an action camera, to enable people to see streamed footage of entertainment happening in other areas of the home when people were unable to leave their room for any reason, so they could still feel part of social events.

The provider's values were put into practice by staff who were supported to 'live' them in their day to day work. Staff had gone to great lengths to ensure people and their wishes remained at the heart of their care such as creating a table to support a person's communication needs. For the person this table had made a huge difference to their happiness and well being.

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