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Tabs@42: Exceptional Care for Complex Needs

Exceptional Care in a Homely Environment

Tabs@42, situated in Northampton, is a care home specializing in the care of up to five adults with complex needs, including autism and learning disabilities. The facility is thoughtfully designed to foster independence and inclusion, featuring individual flats and a secluded garden that contribute to a homely and supportive atmosphere.

Personalized Care with Dignity

The service at Tabs@42 is centered around person-centered care, with a strong emphasis on residents' independence and social inclusion. The staff's dedication to empowering residents and respecting their autonomy results in a dignified and fulfilling living experience for each individual.

Positive Feedback from Residents and Relatives

Tabs@42 consistently receives positive feedback from residents, their relatives, and professionals for its exceptional care and special staff. The individualized approach to care taken by the service significantly enhances the lives of its residents, providing stability and respect for each person's unique needs.

Vibrant and Engaging Community Life

The home ensures that residents enjoy an engaging and individualized community life. Activities tailored to residents' interests encourage social inclusion and provide fulfilling experiences, both within the service and in the wider community.

Ensuring Safety and Well-being

The staff at Tabs@42 are well-trained in safeguarding and managing complex care needs, ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents. Effective communication tools and strategies are employed to empower residents with complex needs, enhancing their ability to express themselves and participate actively in their care.

Leadership that Inspires

The management at Tabs@42 is committed to providing high-quality, personalized support. This leadership approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement and dedication to achieving the best outcomes for residents.

CQC Review with Points

Tabs@42 has been rated 'Outstanding' in responsiveness and leadership by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), with good ratings in safety, effectiveness, and caring. The service is particularly commended for its caring approach and adaptability to the needs of its residents.


Tabs@42 stands out as an exemplary care facility for individuals with complex needs. Its vibrant community life, robust safety measures, and inspirational leadership create a nurturing environment that supports the well-being and personal development of its residents.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Tabs@42 exemplifies the highest standards in care for adults with complex needs. Their 'Outstanding' ratings in areas such as responsiveness and leadership from the CQC demonstrate their unwavering commitment to providing tailored and compassionate care. At Fulcrum Care, we are dedicated to supporting care homes like Tabs@42, ensuring they continue to offer a nurturing environment that fosters independence and enhances the quality of life for their residents."

To explore how Fulcrum Care can assist your care home on the path to excellence, visit our website: [](

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