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The Hawthorns (Evesham) Care Home, Evesham

The Hawthorns (Evesham) gets awarded outstanding in four key areas, by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Outstanding ratings were given in the effective, caring, responsive and well-led aspects of the report and the safe aspects was rated good.

The routine inspection took place on 5 February 2019, at the home in Worcestershire.

The Hawthorns is a care home that provides accommodation and support for up to 47 people who require either nursing or personal care.

The registered manager had links with a 'Neighbourhood Team' who provided a holistic approach to care. They act as a triage service for the GP surgeries. The registered manager said, "We, as a team develop the holistic assessment and implementation of the treatment provided and monitor the effectiveness of the treatment and review the plan as required. This ensures all the preparation for the person's care is in place, with the right people supporting their care. This also helps families to feel confident about the health services provided. It helps my team to know they always have other people they can ask for advice and this instils confidence in the team. It is a team approach to decision making and choices available for the individual."

The outcome for the person was a person-centred approach to care. The physical and psychological interventions kept people pain free and promoted healthy living to enable them to have a good quality of life. For example, one person recently needed medical care, they did not want to go into hospital. The neighbourhood team and the registered manager set up a plan that enabled the person tohave their treatment at The Hawthorns (Evesham). This respected the person's wishes to stay with people who knew them well and within their own environment.

People and their relatives were exceptionally positive about the quality of care and support people received. Visitors stayed for long periods and enjoyed spending meaningful time with their loved ones. Comments from relatives included, “If a resident is unhappy staff distract and reassure them,” "The staff are lovely, really understanding" and "This place is outstanding, gold stars all round. Our experience for my Dad is so different here. He had problems with taking medication, but they have put our minds at rest and have overcome the problems. They are just so friendly, like a family really. The actual relief of my Dad being here brought me to tears.''

CQC inspectors also highlighted that the activity coordinator set up a list of one to one twilight activities for people who were struggling to sleep, feeling restless or could become anxious at night. These activities including tidying cupboards, creating pictures for the hallway or rooms, puzzles or going through memory boxes.

The registered manager was passionate about providing the best care for people living with dementia. The registered manager had recently won the Hennell Award for Innovation and Excellence in Dementia Care. This award from Worcester University is to celebrate the achievements of someone who have shown their ability to implement positive change for people with dementia. The registered manager had also won Shaw Healthcare National Awards twice; they were the winner of the dementia care award for continence care and runner up for home manager in the Caring Times Award.

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