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The Seaton Care Home, Seaton

The Seaton Care Home in Devon has been awarded an outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission, following the inspection on 24 April 2019.

The care home looks after residents, some of whom suffer with dementia.

The CQC awarded The Seaton outstanding on how caring, responsive and well-led it is, and good for how safe and effective it is.

Mindful of the therapeutic benefits of pets, staff and relatives regularly brought in various dogs for visits, so people enjoyed regular contact with family pets. This love of dogs had expanded to hosting an annual dog show, with lots of categories and people awarding prizes and treats.

Staff also supported a resident to bring their dog to live with them at The Seaton.

The CQC observed residents enjoying a wide variety of activities, including flower arranging in the morningand a card game in the afternoon.

Photographs displayed around the home depicted the variety of activities people enjoyed, such as arts and crafts, cooking, exercise classes, a garden club and a an easter egg hunt. Also, walks along the seafront and regular visits from an ice-cream van in the summer months.

Management were committed to developing and valuing staff, and built open, appreciative and forward-thinking working relationships. The staff training and development programme included leadership principles, such as empowerment, appreciation, trust and effective delegation. Staff embraced an ethos of loving companionship, meaningful occupation and spontaneity conducive to giving people a meaningful quality of life.

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