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1 Sheringham Avenue: A Model Care House in Oakwood

Located in Oakwood, London, 1 Sheringham Avenue stands as a paragon of exceptional care for individuals with autism and mental health conditions. Managed by Voyage 1 Limited, this care home is highly esteemed for its person-centered approach, ensuring residents lead fulfilling lives with autonomy and dignity. The CQC report for 1 Sheringham Avenue presents an impressive overall rating of "Outstanding." This reflects a high-quality standard in various aspects of service, with the facility receiving "Good" ratings in safety, effectiveness, and caring. Notably, it excels in responsiveness and leadership, where it achieves "Outstanding" ratings. These results indicate a well-rounded, high-performing service, with particular strengths in management and responsiveness to the needs of those it serves.

1 Sheringham Avenue's ethos revolves around valuing and involving residents in the home's management, fostering a sense of ownership and participation. This inclusive approach significantly enhances residents' sense of belonging and self-worth, creating an empowering environment that promotes their well-being.

The staff at 1 Sheringham Avenue, recognized for their dedication and expertise, provide tailored support that respects each resident's individuality. Their commitment to maintaining safety, health, and well-being is evident in the personalized care plans and activities designed to suit each resident's unique interests and needs. The focus on specialized and compassionate care sets the home apart in delivering exceptional services.

A distinctive feature of 1 Sheringham Avenue is its emphasis on integrating residents into the community. Activities and support are structured to encourage independence and community involvement, fostering a sense of belonging and social interaction. This integration contributes to residents leading fulfilling lives beyond the care home environment.

Feedback from residents and their families underscores the home's dedication to providing a nurturing environment. One resident shared: -"Living here has changed my life. I feel understood and supported every day. The staff really listen to me and help me with my challenges in a way that makes me feel respected and cared for." This sentiment is echoed in numerous testimonials, highlighting the home's commitment to fostering independence, respect, and community integration.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant:

"1 Sheringham Avenue's commitment to personalized care and community integration is truly commendable. The home's empowering environment and dedication to individual well-being contribute to the residents' positive experiences. Fulcrum Care recognizes the importance of such values and offers support to care homes like 1 Sheringham Avenue in enhancing their strengths and achieving excellence in care provision."

1 Sheringham Avenue's commitment to personalized care and community integration serves as a shining example for care homes aiming to enhance their service quality. With dedication and tailored support, reaching commendable standards is an achievable goal.

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