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Abbeydale Residential Care Home, Ilkley

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The Abbeydale Residential Care Home in Ilkley, West Yorkshire providing care for adults over 65, with both physical disabilities, sensory impairments and dementia has been given the overall score of outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The inspection took place on 21 May 2018.

Abbeydale was rated outstanding in three out of five key areas.

Outstanding ratings were given in the caring, responsive and well-led aspects of the report, and the safe and effective elements received a score of good.

People were cared for by staff who were extremely kind, highly compassionate and dedicated to ensuring people received an outstanding quality of care. Staff had an excellent attention to detail and took simple but effective actions to ensure people received a very high standard of personalised care.

Staff developed exceptionally positive caring and compassionate relationships with residents which enabled them to be highly attentive to people's needs. They found creative ways to support people to live a full and independent life. Staff's highly dedicated approach was reinforced by robust training and technical expertise.

People were genuinely at the heart of the service. The philosophy of care was very inclusive. People were actively consulted and involved in the day to day running of the service and their needs and preferences shaped care delivery.

Residents said the service was highly responsive to their needs. One person said, "Staff are flexible to my needs and requirements. They give me everything I need, and more." Another person commented, "If there is something you do not like, they will alter it." Another person said, "I feel so well cared for, I never want to go anywhere else."

Feedback from health professionals was also very positive. One health professional said, "The standard of care is absolutely fantastic. Over the past year staff have become more focused on rehabilitation in response to some people developing more specific needs. Staff focused on learning all they can from me to adapt their support so that people can regain their skills and independence. I have several strong examples where we have worked together to get positive results for people and to help improve their quality of life." Another health professional said, "I would send my relatives to live at Abbeydale." Another health professional had written in the visitors' book to say, "A professional and caring home for the elderly, one of the best in my opinion."

CQC inspectors found the entire staff team to be highly effective. Each role had clearly defined responsibilities and there was a clear daily routine with tasks delegated to different members of staff.

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