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Abbeywood, Aldershot

Abbeywood in Aldershot, Hampshire, has been rated outstanding by the healthcare regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The home cares for residents, some living with dementia.

After inspectors visited the care home on 2 October 2018 it was rated outstanding in two categories, responsive and well-led and rated good in the caring, safe and effective categories.

It comes more than two years after the care home was rated as good, which shows great improvement.

The CQC report said people were supported to live as full a life as possible and staff opened opportunities for people. The registered manager had started a never too old campaign. This was her mantra. She said, "There's a stigma about care homes. I am proving to people that care homes can be full of wonderful people with wonderful pasts and wonderful staff. If we can make it happen, we will. Life doesn't stop because you come into a care home."

The registered manager had developed and sustained a positive culture in the service. They also promoted a sense of 'ownership' amongst the staff team to encourage staff to progress and grow in their role.

A staff member commented, "I have no agency staff and staff turnover is very low. I support, but also push staff to help them to get the best out of the job."

Staff told CQC inspectors they were happy working at Abbeywood. One staff member said, "I'm very proud to work here. We're like a family. We all give up our spare time." It should be noted this was because staff choose to do this and not because it demanded that staff work beyond their hours.

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