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Amberley Lodge - Purley: A Standard-Bearer for Compassionate Dementia and End-of-Life Care

Amberley Lodge, situated at 86 Downlands Road, Purley, Surrey, and managed by Care UK Community Partnerships Ltd, stands as a standard-bearer for compassionate dementia and end-of-life care. Specializing in nursing care for up to 59 older people, with 49 residents at the time of the inspection, the home is distinguished for its person-centered approach and innovative practices in dementia and end-of-life care.

Amberley Lodge earned an overall 'Outstanding' rating from the Care Quality Commission, with outstanding ratings in caring, responsive, and well-led categories, and good ratings in safe and effective categories. This rating reflects the home's exceptional standard of care and dedication to excellence.

Amberley Lodge receives high praise for its caring and empathetic staff, showcasing a deep understanding of dementia. The home excels in enabling residents to reflect creatively on their past, maintaining a strong, visible person-centered culture. The 'wish tree' project, fulfilling residents' wishes, exemplifies the home's commitment to enhancing residents' lives. The support for maintaining relationships and ensuring residents' dignity and privacy underscores the outstanding resident experience.

"Excellent care from all the staff. Very understanding in dealing with my dad's issues. Facilities are good and kept in good order by the maintenance team. The events team swing into action at celebration times and brings staff/family/ residents together for fun events. Highly recommend Amberley Lodge." - Paul K (Son of Resident) Overall Experience 5 out of 5

The service excels in providing innovative social activities, including a weekly fruit market and a variety of engaging events. The home is adapted for those living with dementia, utilizing color and lighting to aid recognition and navigation. The emphasis on activities and social interaction ensures residents lead full and enriched lives, contributing to their overall well-being.

Safety and health are effectively managed at Amberley Lodge. Staff demonstrate knowledge in safeguarding adults from abuse, providing safe and effective care. The home ensures well-managed risks related to medical conditions such as diabetes and dementia. Clean premises and strict adherence to infection control procedures contribute to a secure environment.

The home exhibits outstanding leadership, with a management team dedicated to continuous development. The registered manager fosters a positive working environment, contributing to high staff satisfaction. Strong community links and engagement with local initiatives enhance the service's overall quality, emphasizing a holistic approach to care.

"Amberley Lodge's commitment to person-centered care and innovation in dementia and end-of-life care is truly commendable. The positive feedback from residents and families highlights the home's dedication. Fulcrum Care recognizes the significance of these values and stands ready to support care homes like Amberley Lodge in maintaining and surpassing these exceptional standards."

Amberley Lodge - Purley sets a high benchmark in dementia and end-of-life care, offering a compassionate and innovative environment. The home's focus on person-centered care, creative activities, and strong community engagement makes it a leading example in elderly care. Amberley Lodge's dedication to enhancing residents' quality of life, while maintaining safety and dignity, establishes it as a model of excellence in the care sector.

Amberley Lodge's excellence in dementia and end-of-life care showcases the potential for care homes to redefine industry standards. With the right support and dedication, other care homes can strive to reach and exceed the high levels of person-centered care exemplified by Amberley Lodge.

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