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Amberley Lodge - Outstanding Care Home Purley: A Standard-Bearer for Compassionate Dementia and End-of-Life Care

Amberley Lodge, operated by Care UK Community Partnerships Ltd, stands as a distinguished care home in Purley, Surrey, at 86 Downlands Road. Specialised in dementia and end-of-life care, it provides nursing for up to 59 elderly individuals, housing 49 residents at the time of the inspection. The facility is celebrated for its person-centred methodology and avant-garde practices, particularly in managing dementia and end-of-life care.

The Care Quality Commission awarded Amberley Lodge an 'Outstanding' overall rating, with exceptional scores in caring, responsiveness, and leadership, and good ratings in safety and effectiveness. This attests to the home's superior care standards.

The staff at Amberley Lodge are lauded for their compassionate and empathetic nature, demonstrating profound insights into dementia care. The home excels in fostering a robust, person-centred culture, enabling residents to engage creatively with their past. The innovative 'wish tree' initiative exemplifies the home's dedication to enriching residents' experiences, focusing on fulfilling their desires. It ensures residents maintain their relationships, upholding their dignity and privacy meticulously.

Amberley Lodge thrives in offering novel social activities, including a weekly fruit market and diverse engaging events. Tailored for those with dementia, the home utilises colours and lighting to facilitate recognition and navigation. This focus on activities and social engagement empowers residents to lead fulfilling lives.

The home maintains exemplary standards in safety and health management. Staff are well-versed in safeguarding adults from abuse and deliver safe, effective care. Risks associated with medical conditions like diabetes and dementia are proficiently managed. The premises are impeccably clean, adhering strictly to infection control protocols.

Exceptional leadership characterises Amberley Lodge. The management team continually hones its skills, fostering a positive work environment and high staff satisfaction. Strong community connections and participation in local initiatives significantly enhance the quality of service provided.

"Excellent care from all the staff. Very understanding in dealing with my dad's issues. Facilities are good and kept in good order by the maintenance team. The events team swing into action at celebration times and brings staff/family/ residents together for fun events. Highly recommend Amberley Lodge." - Paul K (Son of Resident) | Overall Experience: 5.0 out of 5

Amberley Lodge in Purley sets a precedent in dementia and end-of-life care, offering a nurturing and pioneering environment. Its commitment to person-centred care, innovative activity programming, and robust community involvement positions it as a paragon in elderly care. The focus on elevating residents' life quality while ensuring their safety and dignity cements Amberley Lodge's status as a beacon of excellence in the care sector.

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