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An Caladh House: A Haven of Care and Support for Learning Disabilities

Introduction and Service Overview

Located in the quaint village of Washingborough, near Lincoln, An Caladh House, operated by Kisimul Group Limited, is a beacon of hope and support for adults with learning disabilities. This residential care home, with a capacity to accommodate up to ten individuals, was fully occupied at the time of the inspection on May 19, 2016. Renowned for its personalized care approach, An Caladh House excels in crafting a nurturing and supportive environment tailored to the unique needs of each resident.

CQC Ratings

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) awarded An Caladh House a commendable 'Good' overall rating, with an exceptional 'Outstanding' in the 'Caring' category. These ratings are a testament to the home's unwavering commitment to delivering compassionate and person-centered care, highlighting its role as a leader in the realm of specialized residential care.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

At An Caladh House, care is delivered with profound kindness, compassion, and respect. Staff are lauded for their sensitive and empathetic approach, ensuring residents' dignity and privacy are upheld. The creative methods employed to bridge communication gaps enable residents to express themselves, maintain their hobbies, and enjoy a substantial quality of life.

Environment and Activities

The environment of An Caladh House is both safe and inviting, with a focus on respecting residents' routines and catering to their preferences. A diverse range of activities, both in-house and within the community, are geared towards enhancing social and personal development. This approach fosters independence and instills a strong sense of belonging among the residents.

Safety and Health Management

Prioritizing safety and health, An Caladh House is diligent in its safeguarding practices, ensuring a secure environment for all residents. Medication management is handled with utmost care, and staff are adept in identifying and addressing health needs. The proactive risk management strategies involve both staff and residents, creating a collective responsibility for safety.

Leadership and Community Links

The leadership at An Caladh House is highly effective, characterized by a transparent system for addressing issues and promoting an inclusive environment. The management's focus on regular monitoring and quality assessments underscores their commitment to continuous improvement and the well-being of residents.


An Caladh House distinguishes itself as a prime example of exceptional care for adults with learning disabilities. Its blend of high-quality care, a warm environment, and robust leadership positions it at the forefront of specialized residential care. The home's dedication to meeting individual needs, utilizing innovative communication strategies, and fostering strong community ties marks it as a leading light in the care sector.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"An Caladh House is a sterling example of quality care for those with learning disabilities. Their outstanding rating in 'Caring' from the CQC is a clear indicator of their dedication to compassion and individualized support. As a Fulcrum Care consultant, it's heartening to see such a commitment to excellence. Our team at Fulcrum Care is eager to support care homes like An Caladh House in sustaining and elevating their high standards of care, ensuring every resident experiences the best possible support."

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