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Ashcroft Care Home: A Haven of Holistic Care and Compassionate Support

Introduction and Service Overview

Ashcroft Care Home, located in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, is a nurturing abode providing personal and nursing care for up to 53 older people, including those with dementia. As part of Bank House Care Homes Limited, it currently serves 49 residents, offering a comfortable and homely environment. This facility is distinguished by its high-quality, person-centered care approach, ensuring each resident's needs and well-being are at the forefront.

CQC Ratings

Demonstrating excellence in care, Ashcroft Care Home was awarded an 'Outstanding' overall rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in its latest inspection on October 25 and 26, 2018. The home received 'Good' ratings in safety, effectiveness, and caring, with 'Outstanding' in responsiveness and leadership. This accolade reflects the home's dedication to exceptional service and person-centered care.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

The standard of care at Ashcroft Care Home is exemplary, with a focus on creating a safe and nurturing environment. The staff's dedication to providing excellent care and support ensures that residents are treated with respect and compassion. Feedback from residents and their families highlights the care team's professionalism and heartfelt commitment.

Environment and Activities

Ashcroft Care Home offers a rich tapestry of activities and amenities, tailored to enhance the residents' quality of life. Emphasizing personalized activities and community involvement, the home ensures residents enjoy a vibrant, fulfilling life in a supportive and homely atmosphere.

Safety and Health Management

Prioritizing safety, Ashcroft Care Home maintains robust systems for risk management, medication administration, and infection control. The staff's training in safeguarding and health management underpins a secure and healthy living environment for all residents.

Leadership and Community Links

The home is led by a registered manager who cultivates a positive and empowering culture. The management team's approachability and support contribute significantly to the home's welcoming atmosphere. Strong community ties further enrich the residents' social experiences and integration.


Ashcroft Care Home stands as a leading facility in elderly care, characterized by its holistic care approach, compassionate support, and robust community connections. Its commitment to providing a safe, innovative, and nurturing environment, combined with outstanding leadership, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a supportive living space.

Kerry B (Daughter of Resident) - Overall Experience: 5.0 out of 5

"My mum moved to Ashcroft a week ago, and although it was a difficult transition, the staff's fantastic, caring nature made it much easier. They consistently go above and beyond, making me feel at ease, never a nuisance. I can see the genuine love and dedication they have for their residents. After caring for my mum for four years, it's a relief to know she's in safe and loving hands. The staff at Ashcroft don't just see their work as a job; it's clearly a vocation. Now, I can relax and enjoy my life, knowing she's in the best possible care."

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Ashcroft Care Home truly exemplifies holistic and compassionate care. Their outstanding CQC ratings in responsiveness and leadership are a testament to their dedication to excellence. At Fulcrum Care, we are inspired by homes like Ashcroft, which not only meet but exceed the standards of elderly care. We're committed to supporting homes in achieving such high levels of care and ensuring residents receive the best possible support."

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