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Aurora Orchard Manor Transition Service: Nurturing Individuality and Empowerment

Aurora Orchard Manor Transition Service is a specialized care facility in Royston, Hertfordshire, providing accommodation and personal care for up to 31 young adults with profound physical and learning disabilities. The home, consisting of three linked buildings, features large therapy rooms, a hydrotherapy pool, trampoline, and accessible outdoor areas. Each resident has a private bedroom within one of three flats, sharing large communal sitting/dining areas, kitchens, and bathrooms.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rated Aurora Orchard Manor Transition Service as 'Outstanding' for being caring and responsive, and 'Good' for safety, effectiveness, and leadership. This reflects the home's commitment to providing high-quality care and its responsiveness to residents' needs.

The service has demonstrated a strong commitment to offering comfortable and safe living experiences for its residents. Residents and their families express high levels of satisfaction, highlighting the caring, compassionate, and professional nature of the staff. Personalized care plans and an understanding of each individual's unique needs contribute to a supportive and empowering environment.

Aurora Orchard Manor provides a stimulating environment with a wide range of activities and therapies. These include music and art therapy, physical exercises, and community outings to pubs, clubs, and garden centers. The focus on sensory experiences and the use of innovative technologies enhance residents' engagement and enjoyment.

Safety and health are prioritized with rigorous risk assessments and a robust safety management system. Staff are well-trained in safeguarding protocols, infection control, and medication management, ensuring a secure environment for residents. Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) are meticulously detailed, ensuring preparedness in emergencies.

The service benefits from strong leadership and a culture of inclusivity and caring. The management team is approachable and supportive, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. Community engagement is encouraged, enhancing residents' social interactions and integration into the local community.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Aurora Orchard Manor Transition Service has created a remarkable environment that empowers young adults with complex needs. The 'Outstanding' CQC rating for being caring and responsive is a testament to the personalized and holistic care provided. Fulcrum Care recognizes the importance of such approaches and stands ready to support care facilities like Aurora Orchard Manor in maintaining excellence and achieving continuous improvement."

Aurora Orchard Manor Transition Service excels in providing personalized, holistic care to young adults with complex needs. Its focus on individual empowerment, combined with an inclusive and stimulating environment, sets it apart as a leading care facility for young adults with profound disabilities.

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