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Badgers Wood Care Home, Norwich

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

The service was rated outstanding following the 15 March 2019 inspection, for being caring, responsive and well-led, and good in the safe and effectivecategories.

Badgers Wood is a residential care home that provides residential care and accommodation for up to 37 people.

The service was rated good as a result of its last inspection back in 2016.

The report highlighted that the registered manager strove to provide the highest levels of care whilst ensuring people could maintain their independence, enjoy their lives and be free from loneliness and social exclusion.

The service identified that older men, had found moving to residential care isolating and worrying, and a difficult environment in which to share their thoughts about this. To counter this, the service had a staff member who was the homes 'older men's champion'. Their role was to spend time with male residents to explore ways to talk about issues, look for ideas to improve wellbeing, self-esteem and promote personal interests.

The initiative had a very positive effect on some of the male residents and to highlight this the CQC gave the following example:A resident was a follower of a football club when they were young. The older men's champion did some research so they could talk about the players they were interested in from the 1970's. They also wrote to the club to ask for any information they could share about the club's history. This resulted in the club sending the person some signed artwork of their favourite player from their youth.

Residents told CQC inspectors the service was extremely responsive to their needs and staff went out of their way to assist them with any problems or changes to care and support they might require.

The service used innovative ways to enrich people's lives through activities and social events that enhanced their quality of life. Staff went the extra mile in trying to engage with and explore how people could become involved in activities.

They created information sheets for people to use which explained how they may still be able to engage in an activity where they believed they could no longer do so. One section said, 'I used to love gardening but cannot do that now.' It then stated, 'Oh but you can!' It listed suggestions on how this could still be achieved to encourage people and what support the service could offer. The information also highlighted the benefits of engaging in activities in residential care, such as reducing isolation and imperative ways to keep brain cells active.

The CQC report also highlighted that the service was led by a strongly motivated and committed registered manager and supported by a team that strived to deliver the best person-centred care they could.

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