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Belmont View: Excellence in Personalized and Dignified Care

Belmont View, operated by Quantum Care Limited, is a residential care home in Hertford, Hertfordshire, catering to up to 85 older people, including those living with dementia. At the time of inspection, 72 people were residing there. The home is arranged into separate units across two floors, offering a tailored and intimate environment for its residents.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has awarded Belmont View 'Outstanding' ratings in caring, responsiveness, and leadership, with 'Good' ratings in safety and effectiveness. This reflects the home's exceptional service delivery and balanced care environment.

Belmont View is commended for its high standard of care, with a focus on treating each resident as an individual. Staff are known for their exceptionally compassionate care and commitment to ensuring residents live fulfilling lives. The care provided is individually planned, promoting independence and well-being, and includes creative activities for all residents, regardless of their health needs.

The home offers a dignified and respectful environment, with staff taking the time to understand what is important to each resident. Special efforts are made to create meaningful experiences, such as a professional-standard nail salon for skill development. Care at the end of life is particularly caring and supportive.

Belmont View ensures the safety of its residents with effective risk management and proactive health and safety practices. Medication management is handled safely, and the staff are well-trained in keeping residents safe from harm and abuse. The home maintains a clean, well-maintained environment with regular checks and audits.

The leadership at Belmont View, including the registered manager and senior leadership team, is noted for its inclusive values and high professional standards. Staff feel valued and supported, and the leadership is involved in partnership working to improve the quality of care. The management team is open to feedback and continuously seeks to improve.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Belmont View has achieved a remarkable balance in providing exceptional care while maintaining a dignified living environment. The 'Outstanding' CQC ratings in caring, responsiveness, and leadership reflect the home's dedication to excellence. Fulcrum Care is ready to support care homes like Belmont View in sustaining these high standards and achieving continuous improvement."

Belmont View exemplifies a care home that not only meets the needs of its residents but also enriches their lives. Its focus on personalized care, innovative activities, stringent safety protocols, inspiring leadership, and strong community links make it a standout choice for those seeking a supportive and dignified living environment for older individuals, particularly those living with dementia. The home's CQC ratings further affirm its commitment to excellence in residential care.

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