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Belsfield House Care Home, Blackpool

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Belsfield House, in Blackpool, Lancashire has been awarded outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

Belsfield House in Blackpool is a purpose-built nursing home providing residential and nursing care for up to 40 people.

The CQC awarded Belsfield House outstanding in all five categories; safe, effective, caring and responsive and well-led following the inspections, 23 & 24 January 2019.

Inspectors highlighted thatBelsfield had very high staffing levels and skill mixes that were creatively deployed. This maximised people's safety and ensured they received the best possible care.

One relative said that, "The level of staff is very good. They are here straight away." The provider invested heavily in care delivery and ensured required resources went beyond the norm. Staffing rotas showed up to 36 staff on duty during the day to assist 40 people who lived at the home. This was so high, each employee never assisted more than two people on day shifts and three at night. Staff said shifts had incredibly high staff numbers. One employee said, "Staffing levels here are great. I was shocked because you don't get that anywhere else."

The provider continued to invest heavily into the workforce withintensive training package. They employed staff whose first language was not English and funded courses to enhance their communication skills.

A relative commented, "They know their job, but where English is not their first language they are well supported until they can be understood well." The manager retained their very proactive support of nursing staff to meet their registration requirements that went beyond the home's responsibility. This ensured people were supported by highly skilled staff.

The ethos at Belsfield was centred on promoting people's individual and cultural needs and rights. Policies and procedures instilled in the workforce ensured that each person's right to individuality, autonomy, dignity and fulfilment were met.

Care delivery remained heavily focused on maximising the best start to people accessing Belsfield. Comprehensive pre-admission records included meetings with the person, relatives and healthcare professionals. There was real determination to ensure they met their needs and created a smooth transition into Belsfield.

A visiting professional said one person had responded to treatment for the first time once admitted to the home. They added there was 'that bit of magic' that gave people a better quality of life to improve beyond expectations. Staff used information to develop detailed care plans in line with best interests and risk management. It was highly evident they worked with people and relatives to obtain as much information as possible.

A relative said, "They cater forevery need." Records outlined meticulous detail about the resident, without overburdening staff with information. Staff updated care plans moment-by-moment to promote highly responsive treatment.

Inspectors found that the management team continued to present themselves as excellent role models in the provision of high care standards. They worked cohesively with staff in the seamless model of care.

An employee said, "The leaders are superb and really encouraging. They tell me if I am doing something wrong in such a way that it inspires me to do better."

Staff stated the home's leadership remained very supportive and open to their ideas. An employee said, "When we need something the providers are very approachable."

Another staff member said, "Our voices count no matter what level of staff. We are like one big family, I really mean that, and are extremely well managed."

The recent IIP report found 'leaders were passionate about providing clear direction and clarity regarding quality and standards of care.'

A staff member said they wanted to progress in the company. They added they felt highly valued when a leadership role was offered to them in recognition of their ability.

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