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Bridgeside Lodge Care Centre: A Beacon of Compassionate Care and Support

Nestled in the heart of London, Bridgeside Lodge Care Centre stands as an exceptional residential care home, providing long-term specialist nursing care. With a capacity to support up to 64 adults, the home caters to elderly individuals, some with dementia, and younger adults aged 18-65 with acquired neurological conditions, including spinal injuries. At the time of the inspection, 61 residents were living in the home, experiencing a service that exceeds expectations with its personalized and high-quality care.

Bridgeside Lodge Care Centre boasts an outstanding overall rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The service is rated as 'Good' for being safe and 'Outstanding' for being well-led. This reflects the high standards of care and management that the home consistently maintains.

Residents at Bridgeside Lodge receive outstanding personalized care, resulting from an extremely well-led service. The staff are noted for their exceptional care and kindness, engaging with residents with utmost respect and dignity. Their commitment to compassionate care ensures the best outcomes for residents. The staff's teamwork approach and the management's strong leadership contribute significantly to the quality of care, with the home's atmosphere being exceptionally welcoming and positive.  

This is an excellent care home. All the staff are friendly and hardworking. My mum is well cared for, and I am so happy with the care she receives; she could not be in a better place. The manager is so caring and attentive and knows every single resident. I know my mum is safe and happy. - Jane T (Daughter of Resident) Overall Experience 5 out of 5

The premises of Bridgeside Lodge are exceptionally well-maintained, providing a welcoming and positive environment for residents. Activities and programs are tailored to the residents' interests and needs, fostering a sense of community and belonging. The care home's environment is designed to ensure comfort, safety, and engagement, enhancing the overall experience of the residents.

Safety is a paramount concern at Bridgeside Lodge. Risks to residents are fully assessed and mitigated, with sufficient staffing levels to meet individual needs safely. The home employs robust systems for safeguarding residents, including comprehensive risk assessments and regular checks of the building and equipment. Medicines are administered safely, and the service adheres to safe infection prevention and control practices.

The management team of Bridgeside Lodge provides strong and inspiring leadership, ensuring that the residents are at the heart of everything they do. The home has established positive relationships with various community organizations, contributing to a comprehensive and well-rounded care experience for the residents. Staff are engaged and valued, reflecting in the quality of care and support provided to residents.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant:

"Bridgeside Lodge Care Centre exemplifies exceptional leadership and commitment to personalized, high-quality care. The positive resident experiences and strong community links are indicative of the home's dedication. Fulcrum Care is well-equipped to collaborate with care homes like Bridgeside Lodge, providing tailored support to maintain or achieve an 'Outstanding' rating from the Care Quality Commission."

Bridgeside Lodge Care Centre stands out as a prime example of excellent care in a residential setting. Its commitment to providing personalized, high-quality care in a safe, engaging, and well-led environment makes it a top choice for individuals seeking long-term specialist nursing care. The home's outstanding CQC ratings, coupled with its positive resident experiences and strong community links, underscore its status as a leading care provider.

To explore how Fulcrum Care can support your care home in achieving excellence, [visit our website](#).

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