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Bridle Lodge, Nottingham

Bridle Lodge in Nottingham, a residential care home providing personal care to five younger adults with learning disabilities and autism has been rated outstanding for being responsive and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 16 July 2019.

The safe, effective and caring elements of the report scored Good.

The CQC report highlighted that people were encouraged and empowered to achieve their ambitions.

One person had ambitions to help the homeless, they were fully empowered and supported by the service with this work. This person received community hero awards for their charity work, this had a huge impact on this person and gave them a great deal of pride.

Other people were supported to achieve goals they had set, one person who was unable to obtain a driving license but wanted to learn to drive like their peers. The service sourced safe driving lessons meaning this person was able to achieve their goals.

People, their relatives and health professionals told us they believed that the service was very well led, and people received person centred care.

One health professional said, "People receive a person-centred service, the registered manager goes above and beyond to make it a home for the clients. She's making it their home not a residential home, she is doing a fantastic job."

A relative commented, "The way they run the home is fantastic, the staff are brilliant. If anything wants doing they do it. Management and staff stick with each other it's one big happy team."

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