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Brooke House: A Beacon of Outstanding Care and Compassion

Introduction and Service Overview

Brooke House, managed by Prestwick Care Limited, is a residential care home providing nursing and personal care to up to 50 people, including older individuals and those living with dementia-related conditions. Located at Ronald Drive, Newcastle Upon Tyne, the home is a sanctuary for those requiring specialized care. During the last inspection, 34 people were benefiting from the services offered at Brooke House.

CQC Ratings

In its latest inspection, Brooke House received an overall 'Outstanding' rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), with 'Outstanding' ratings in responsiveness and leadership, and 'Good' ratings in safety, effectiveness, and caring. This rating reflects the home's commitment to providing high-quality care.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

The service at Brooke House is marked by its exceptional management and the profound dedication of its staff. Relatives commend the service for going "above and beyond during the pandemic," describing it as "superb" and "superior." The care professionals also praise the dedicated leadership and the knowledge of both management and staff in providing a higher standard of care.

Environment and Activities

Brooke House offers a homely and well-maintained environment. The focus on individualized care is evident in the way activities and daily routines are organized, catering to the unique needs and preferences of each resident. The service's commitment to creating a stimulating and comfortable environment greatly enriches the lives of those who live there.

Safety and Health Management

Safety is a top priority at Brooke House. The service follows safe infection control and prevention practices, including regular COVID-19 testing for people and staff and appropriate use of PPE. Medicines are managed safely, and staff are well-trained in various health and safety practices, ensuring a secure and healthy living environment.

Leadership and Community Links

Brooke House boasts of strong leadership, with a management team committed to promoting a positive culture that is person-centered, open, inclusive, and empowering. The management team works collaboratively with other care services for the benefit of people and the wider community. The service's leadership and community engagement are commendable, enhancing the quality of care provided.


Brooke House stands out as an exemplary care home, providing exceptional care and a nurturing environment. Its focus on personalized care, combined with strong leadership and community links, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a compassionate and supportive care setting. The home is more than a facility; it's a community where every individual is valued and receives the highest standard of care.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Brooke House shines as a beacon of outstanding care and compassion. The 'Outstanding' rating by the Care Quality Commission reflects their dedication to excellence. Fulcrum Care acknowledges Brooke House for its exemplary standards and is ready to assist other care homes in achieving similar success. To explore how Fulcrum Care can contribute to your care home's excellence, visit our website: []("

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