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Brookfield Residential Home: A Homely Haven of Exceptional Care

Brookfield Residential Home, located at 1 High Street, Somersham, Cambridgeshire, offers a cozy and intimate setting for personalized care. Managed by Brookfield Care Home Limited, this charming home accommodates up to 14 older people. At the time of the inspection, 10 residents were enjoying the home's comfortable and attentive environment. Brookfield prides itself on its homely atmosphere, providing a perfect blend of professional care and a family-like setting.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has bestowed Brookfield Residential Home with an overall 'Outstanding' rating, particularly excelling in being responsive and well-led, and receiving 'Good' ratings in other areas. This rating reflects the home's commitment to providing exceptional, person-centered care.

The care quality at Brookfield Residential Home is outstanding, with residents receiving compassionate and highly personalized attention. Residents and their families highlight the exceptional care and the strong relationships fostered with staff. The home is known for its caring environment where residents' privacy and dignity are always respected, and where staff anticipate and meet residents' needs proactively.

Brookfield Residential Home offers a homely and well-maintained environment. With well-organized spaces and personalized bedrooms, the home creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for its residents. Activities are thoughtfully designed to engage residents, catering to their interests and promoting social interaction. The home's approach to care is evident in its day-to-day operations, ensuring an enriching and enjoyable environment for all.

Safety and health are paramount at Brookfield. The home employs comprehensive safety measures and health management practices, ensuring a secure and healthy living environment. Staff are skilled in risk management and medication administration, and they prioritize the nutritional needs of residents, contributing significantly to their overall well-being.

Brookfield Residential Home is led by a committed management team that fosters a culture of inclusivity and support. The team is dedicated to staff well-being and professional development, enhancing the overall quality of care. The home maintains strong links with the local community and healthcare professionals, enriching the lives of its residents.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Brookfield's 'Outstanding' rating reflects its dedication to providing personalized and compassionate care. At Fulcrum Care, we recognize the importance of such homes in promoting the well-being of residents. We are committed to supporting care homes like Brookfield in maintaining these high standards and fostering a warm and nurturing environment."

Brookfield Residential Home stands as an exemplary choice for those seeking a nurturing, homely care setting. The home's dedication to personalized care, combined with a supportive and well-managed environment, makes it an ideal place for residents to feel at home and valued. Brookfield is not just a care home; it's a community where every individual's well-being is a priority.

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