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Brooklands Nursing and Care Home, Blackpool

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Brooklands Nursing and Care Home gets awarded outstanding in four key areas, by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Outstanding ratings were given in the effective, caring, responsive and well-led aspects of the report and the safe aspect was rated good.

Theinspection took place on 24 & 31 January 2019, at the home in Blackpool, Lancashire.

Brooklands Nursing and Careprovides nursing and personal care to adults over 65 years with physical disabilities.

The staff team were outstanding in providing effective care and support based on people's needs and wishes. This promoted their wellbeing and encouraged them to enjoy a stimulating and meaningful life.Staff were assertive in getting the right treatment for people and were persistent in their requests for the most beneficial care.

CQC inspectorswitnessed staff working collaboratively and developed close working relationships with the other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible and most appropriate care for each person. They explained to people and their families about their care and supported them to see GP's, and specialist healthcare professionals.

Relatives were very pleased with the care and support their family member received. They said that staff were passionate about the care they provided, and their family members were treated with kindness, respect and dignity. Comments included, "The staff are beautiful, absolutely amazing I couldn't wish for better. They are so on the ball and care so much."

Staff tirelessly sought activities which matched people's interests and observed reactions. One resident did not enjoy a cinema visit that was an action and adventure film but smiled at a comedy film. Staff tried this again and reflected it was not so much the film but the noise and fast movement on screen. This helped them to choose gentle or amusing films. Another person enjoyed heavy rock and made it clear they did not like 'middle of the road' pop by their facial expressions.

Staff supported several people who lived at Brooklands Nursing and Care Home who were football fans of different football clubs to attend their team matches, visit the local pub to watch matches and watch matches in the home. This provided meaningful activities and sometimes heated but friendly discussions over which was the best team.

One resident had always enjoyed betting on horse racing. Staff supported the person to continue their interest and visit the bookies to place bets and enjoy the sounds and atmosphere there. They looked forward to these visits, giving them a distraction at a difficult time for them. They also enjoyed horse racing on their TV when it was on making it clear that they did not want disturbing.

Another person had planned to become a pilot. They were still interested in planes but unable to fly because of their medical condition. Staff supported them to visit air shows and the local airport to watch. Staff got in touch with the airport who invited them to go to the hanger where the planes and helicopters were kept. This assisted in their continued pursuit of information about their interest.

The management team were passionate about improving people's wellbeing and this was reflected in everything they did. This enthused and inspired staff to do their utmost to deliver outstanding care.

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