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Cascade (Charlton House): Pioneering Independence and Quality Care for Young Adults

Cascade (Charlton House) Limited, located at 331A Drayton High Road, Norwich, Norfolk, is a residential care home that provides personal and nursing care for up to eight younger adults with learning disabilities and mental health needs. The service emphasizes a progressive approach, following the principles of 'Registering the Right Support', enabling residents to live fulfilling lives with choice, control, and independence.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has recognized Cascade (Charlton House) for its outstanding care and support, receiving 'Outstanding' ratings for being responsive and well-led, and 'Good' ratings for safety, effectiveness, and caring. This underscores the service's commitment to delivering high-quality, person-centered care.

Cascade (Charlton House) has been commended for its outstanding care and support, promoting "independent living and social skills." Relatives and residents praise the responsive and supportive nature of the management and staff. The service has shown expertise in supporting residents to develop confidence and independence, achieving meaningful activities and goals.

The service offers a home-like environment with en-suite rooms and self-contained flats, adapting to the needs of its residents. Activities are individualized, supporting residents to participate in community events and pursue personal interests. The service's unique approach fosters residents' integration and participation in meaningful life experiences.

Residents' safety and well-being are central to the service's approach.

The staff are skilled in supporting residents to manage their behaviors and anxieties, leading to a reduction in serious incidents. The holistic approach to health and well-being has resulted in positive outcomes, including reduced medication usage and improved independence.

Leadership at Cascade (Charlton House) is exceptional, with a clear focus on development and innovation. Staff feel supported and involved in the service's development. The service collaborates effectively with family members and health professionals to enhance the care provided, demonstrating a deep commitment to resident welfare.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant:

"Cascade (Charlton House) exemplifies a forward-thinking approach, creating an environment where residents can thrive with autonomy. The commitment to individualized support and meaningful activities showcases a progressive model of care. At Fulcrum Care, we appreciate and celebrate such initiatives that prioritize the well-being and independence of residents."

Cascade (Charlton House) stands out as a leading care home for younger adults with learning disabilities and mental health needs. Its innovative approach to promoting independence, combined with strong leadership and community engagement, makes it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a supportive, empowering, and nurturing environment.

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