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Coldswell House Care Home, Hereford

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Coldswell House gets awarded outstanding in three key areas, by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Outstanding ratings were given in the caring, responsive and well-led aspects of the report and the safe and effective aspects were rated good.

The routine inspection took place on 15 & 16November 2018, at the home in Hereford, Herefordshire.

Coldwells House provides specialist care for people living with dementia, mental health needs and physical disabilities and older people.

At the last inspection in January 2016 the service was rated as Good overall.

The CQC identified that residents loved living at the home and staff felt very supported. The culture in the home was open, and all staff teams consistently focused on improving and further developing people's care.

The service continued to focus on working with people, so their individual histories, goals and wishes were known and responded to. This approach to caring for people was embedded across ancillary, care and management teams, who were passionate about providing a supportive and loving environment for people living at Coldwells House.

A health and social care professional who regularly visited the home told CQC inspectors, "It's a fantastic home, staff are incredibly caring." The health and social care professional explained staff knew people well, and this helped to foster exceptionally good relationships between residents and the staff who supported them.

CQC inspectors also highlighted that they saw people being supported in the ways they preferred and at the time they wanted. They noted that residents took pleasure in using a range of interesting items, such as books, magazines, puzzles and sensory objects so they would be fulfilled and enjoy an increased well-being.

Throughout the inspection, senior and wider staff teams worked together extremely well to focus on the safety, wishes and well-being of the people living at the home. Staff shared the management team's commitment to providing excellent care, based on valuing people as individuals, and told inspectors the management team's vision was clearly communicated to them.

The culture of putting people's individual needs at the heart of how the service was led was reflected in staff training and support, person centered care planning, and mirrored in the discreet signage showing people their lifestyles and ages would be celebrated.

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