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 Connaught Court: A Paradigm of Comprehensive Care and Community Harmony

Introduction and Service Overview

Connaught Court, situated in York and part of The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution Care Company, provides personal care and nursing for up to 94 older individuals. Supporting 85 residents at the time of the inspection, it is particularly lauded for its exceptional support to those with dementia, having adapted significantly to meet their evolving needs.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

The environment at Connaught Court is celebrated for its excellence, particularly following recent improvements for residents, especially those with advancing dementia. The home is dedicated to best practices in dementia care, offering a calm and homely environment. Residents benefit from high-quality, personalized support provided by a regular, committed staff, who work closely with healthcare professionals.

Environment and Activities

Connaught Court fosters community integration with diverse activities that enhance resident wellbeing and friendships. The management team's effective communication ensures residents feel supported and relaxed. Feedback on the support provided is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the standard of care and the home's homely atmosphere.

Safety and Health Management

Safety is paramount, with comprehensive systems for safeguarding, staffing, recruitment, and risk management. The home is committed to learning and improving from incidents. Medication management is safe, with significant oversight of medicine processes.

Leadership and Community Links

Connaught Court benefits from excellent teamwork and continuous improvement, led by passionate and forward-thinking managers. The service engages proactively with residents, relatives, and staff, promoting inclusivity. Strong local community links enhance residents' social involvement.

CQC Ratings

The service is rated 'Outstanding' in being effective and well-led, and 'Good' in safety, caring, and responsiveness. This reflects the home's commitment to high-quality, person-centered care and its success in creating a nurturing and responsive environment.


Connaught Court is a model of comprehensive elderly care, excelling in dementia support. It integrates seamlessly into the community, providing residents with a life enriched by excellent care, strong community ties, and a focus on continuous improvement.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Connaught Court's exemplary service in elderly care, especially in supporting dementia patients, sets a high standard in the sector. At Fulcrum Care, we applaud their commitment to providing comprehensive, person-centered care in a community-harmonious environment. Their 'Outstanding' ratings in effectiveness and leadership by the CQC demonstrate their dedication to quality and continuous improvement. Their approach aligns with our mission of enhancing care standards across the sector. We are committed to supporting facilities like Connaught Court in their pursuit of excellence."

To explore how Fulcrum Care can assist your care home on the path to excellence, visit our website:


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