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Corner House Residential Care Home: A Beacon of Innovation and Inclusivity in Care

Introduction and Service Overview

Corner House Residential Care Home, overseen by Sanctuary Home Care Limited and situated in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, offers specialized care for up to 11 individuals with learning disabilities. Embracing the principles of the Registering the Right Support guidance, the service is dedicated to fostering independence, inclusion, and choice. At the time of the inspection, all 11 residents were benefiting from this innovative and inclusive care model.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

Corner House is recognized for its innovative approach to safety and inclusivity. Residents are actively involved in the recruitment process, enhancing their sense of community and ownership. The positive relationships between staff and residents cultivate a nurturing and empathetic atmosphere. The service is lauded for its adaptability and responsiveness to the unique preferences and needs of each resident.

Environment and Activities

The environment at Corner House is designed to encourage residents' independence and engagement. Residents partake in meaningful activities both in-house and within the local community, promoting social inclusion and active citizenship. Renovation and design choices are thoughtfully made to enrich residents' experiences and maintain a suitable living space.

Safety and Health Management

Safety at Corner House is managed proactively, with a focus on person-centered care. Staff training in safeguarding and risk management ensures the well-being of residents while promoting their independence. Innovative safety practices enable residents to contribute to their own and others' safety, minimizing unnecessary restrictions.

Leadership and Community Links

The leadership at Corner House exemplifies inclusivity and support. Strong community ties enhance residents' participation in local initiatives, reflecting the management team's dedication to continuous improvement and empowering residents in their care.

CQC Ratings

Corner House Residential Care Home has been rated 'Outstanding' in responsiveness and leadership, with 'Good' ratings in safety, effectiveness, and caring by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). These ratings highlight the home's commitment to providing a safe, effective, and person-centered care environment.


Corner House Residential Care Home is a prime example of innovative and inclusive care for individuals with learning disabilities. Its approach to promoting independence, social inclusion, and active community life sets it apart as a model facility in contemporary residential care.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Corner House Residential Care Home is a shining example of how innovation and inclusivity can transform care for individuals with learning disabilities. Their outstanding CQC ratings in responsiveness and leadership are a testament to their commitment to creating an environment where residents can thrive and actively participate in community life. At Fulcrum Care, we're inspired by their approach and are committed to supporting homes like Corner House in their pursuit of excellence in care."

To explore how Fulcrum Care can assist your care home on the path to excellence, visit our website: [](

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